Mary Kelly grew up in Wisconsin and her Midwestern roots have stayed with her wherever she goes.

At the age of 19, Mary moved to Los Angeles where she immediately jumped into the coffeehouse music scene. In 1991, she signed with indie label "Woodenship Records" and recorded her first solo album, Lonely Town. Mary brought her music to life on such stages as The Troubadour, LA Irish Fest and Cafe Largo, to name a few..  It was there that she was showcased on KPFK’s Folkscene with Howard and Roz Larman as well as being given the honor of standing in center field as the LA Dodgers featured anthem singer, three years in a row.  In 1998, Mary packed up and moved to San Francisco where she dove into the singer/songwriter circuit.  Spending the next several years playing multiple stages, Mary wrote and recorded her second solo album, Untied; a lyric and musical tapestry  showcasing her rich voice, warm piano and haunting accordion lines.  

That same year, Mary composed the theme music for A Hungry Man Is An Angry Man, a film discussing the Contra/Sandinista conflict in Nicaragua. The film debuted at the Splitscreen Film Festival at Yale University’s St. Anthony Society, in 2002.


In 2005, it was time to head to NYC where Mary screen-tested as a piano playing sidekick for the Tony Danza Show.  As detailed in an episode of A&E Biography, she was among the top three performers considered, following a national search.

Now settled in New York City, Mary continues to play live, having performed on such stages as The Bitter End and CBGB’s.  In the last several years, she has been focusing on composing for film and video.  Included in her projects is a featured vocal on the PBS documentary, "Forgiveness" as well as the trailer music for a  Frank McCourt documentary.   Rooted in acoustic music, her style crosses many musical genres, enabling her to work on a myriad of projects that range from folk to classical to urban.  

Mary's latest project has included work as a teaching-artist, teaching songwriting to children in the NYC public school system.  Working in the classroom and helping to foster the student's creativity has been some of the most rewarding work for her as she continues to learn and grow as a songwriter, through the eyes of these amazing kids! 

Mary is also keeping busy with her own young musicians, playing both mom and musician in a big city.  Life is busy and life is good. Enjoy the music!